Studio Rates Minimum Hourly Rate ………. $70.00 inc GST 

Pre Production and Post Production

Pre and post production is vital if you are serious about your CD.
(Please phone for enquiries or make an appointment to visit us and we’ll be happy to discuss your project.)

Budget Band Demo (Up To 5 Piece Group)

3 Tracks 8 hour day (including engineer) ……………………………… $500.00
4 Tracks 10 hour (including engineer) …………………………………. $620.00
Allow approximately 3 hours recording and more for mixing. Mastering can take up to an hour extra. So please spend as much time in the mixing and mastering stages as possible. (Includes cd with no set up fee.)

Singer with pre recorded backing tracks

Singers purchase backing tracks from a number of internet sites, we will then record your vocals and mix into the backing tracks ………… $70.00 per hour.

EP (Full production)

Recording, mixing and mastering 2 days (phone for details) ………. $1200.00

Album, CD Release (5 day Lockout)

We trust you will want to record your next album/cd at MCS so it is vital you have all our facilities and expertise at your disposal. At MCS we will give you a fully produced cd with, all equipment, engineer, producer, and re-mix if required at no additional cost. Our promise to all our clients is to deliver the best service we can. So please call for a chat about your project or come and visit us obligation free.

Choirs and Singers

(With grand piano accompaniment)
Some singers or choirs require a piano accompaniment, so at MCS you can hire our finely tuned Yamaha G2 Grand Piano.

Real Drum Tracks

Clients can bring in their own backing tracks and we will record real live drum tracks onto your stereo or multi-track track recorder.

Other Services

Transfer your records, tapes or cassettes to cd.

Yamaha G2 Grand Piano for hire.

Drum set for hire …………………………………………… $25.00 per session.

Rehearsal Room

Bands or groups can hire the studio (floor area 4.7 x 4.6 metres) inclusive of pa, mics and foldback.

Deposit Details

Clients please note: A $100.00 AUD deposit is required on all bookings and when we receive the deposit it will be considered a booking. Payments can be made by cash, direct bank account deposit or Paypal. (If paying by bank deposit, please put MCS in your banks description and email us the deposit number).

If paying by bank account our bank details are; Arab Bank, BSB 917-310, account number 700046175. If paying by Paypal, our account email address is;

Terms And Conditions

A copy of our terms and conditions is available. If you would like a copy, please phone or email us and we will send a copy to you via post, email, or you can pick up a copy at the studio .


Once recordings have been finalised and payment made, clients are then able to pick up their work, or we will happily send cds out by post at a cost of $6.50.


Cancellation notices must be given by phone, email or snail mail and be at least 24 hours prior to your recording time. If you cancel within the appropriate time then MCS will move your recording session to another date and time. If no notice is given, then a $100.00 cancellation fee may result for lost revenue.